Tip For Increasing Efficiency of your Air Conditioner

Many places around the world face very severe heat during summer seasons, the homeowners try to maintain comfortable and ambient temperatures inside their home using best quality air conditioners. The AC among all other home appliance consume a lot of electricity and this is the reason why people are often concerned about getting most out of air conditioner without spending much. Just getting proper maintenance done from professional on regular basis can improve the air conditioners efficiency manifolds. Below you will find few tips that can help you to lower your electricity bills when using AC in summers.

Air conditioners came in to existent long time ago, the new age models are not only very effective, but they are also designed to last. A good quality model will easily survive for 20 years even when used excessively in tough conditions. To ensure long life of air conditioner, you must maintain it properly, otherwise the unit will start developing faults and will be obsolete in no time. Many companies and professionals offer annual planned preventive maintenance plan. You can search and get in touch with local professionals to get an estimate about the maintenance cost.


The amount of energy an air conditioner consumes depends a lot on the capabilities of its thermostat. In recent past, there has been a lot of innovation in this field and big brands have came up with thermostat which claim to reduce the unit’s power consumption by 15%. If you are using an air conditioner with old thermostat, it might not be that effective in reducing the power consumption. A good quality and properly programmed thermostat will make sure that air conditioner runs only when it is required to. You should consult with a technician if you need to upgrade to a better quality thermostat or air conditioner to reduce the power consumption.

When the technician performs the service make sure he change the air filter, inspect and clean the duct. This is important as it will help to improve the overall efficiency of the unit.

If your air conditioner develops some fault, make sure you get it fixed from the technician as soon as possible. When it comes to complex machines like this the small faults in one part can cause damage to other major part with in no time.

If even after proper maintenance the air conditioner is using excessive electricity you should consider buying new model. The newer model will consume less electricity and help you to cover some portion of investment.

Buying an LED TV

The Flat panel LED Tv is one of the most exciting technology in the market which has gotten a lot of attention from tv lovers around the world. The level of excitement amongst buyers can be easily evaluated from the increasing number of sales that this product has got in last few years. If you are also fascinated about this product, it will be helpful for you to know a bit more about this technology and understand various factors to consider before buying this TV for your home.

First thing first, you must know what the technology behind these new generation TV sets is and why these are called LED. In layman terms, the LED TV is an upgrade to the older LCD technology. The LED TVs are known for their blacklit screen, usually found on cellular phones. Some call them LCD tv with a backlit. Because of better quality screen and high definition resolution, the LED TVs are expensive as compared to the LCD variants.
There are numerous brands selling this variety of television sets in the market. Some are new while others are very experienced and have spent a lot of time and money on research and development. If you are comparing different TV models, do check the credibility of brand and their experience in backlight technology. Compare the warranty and after sales cost of different models before making the final purchase decision. Reading expert reviews from big websites like Cnet and Gizmodo can be very helpful in choosing a reliable brand for this product.

The first thing that you must consider before going out to buy a TV for your home, is the screen size. If you have not planned for it yet, read the technology reviews to ascertain which is the best size to buy for these type of TVs. Reading customer reviews on websites like amazon and walmart can be very useful as you get the first hand opinion from people who have used these products. This exercise will help you to short list few models from the bunch and arrive at an informed buying decision.

Once you have chosen a model, now you must enquire from various offline and online store to known the best price. If you compare the prices and features online, you will be well prepared when going to an offline store.

When you are buying an expensive electronic like this for your home, you would want to get the best deal. To save money, you must gain as much information possible about the product before going in to the store. So go online, visit top sites, read expert and customer reviews and make an informed choice.

Top Quality Cordless Drills to Buy in 2017

When cordless drills were launched few years back, they were not taken that seriously mainly because they lacked power. But as the years passed, manufacturers have managed to create a product which is not only comfortable and convenient to use but also can yield enough power to drill in to some of the hardest surfaces.

Mostly all professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiast either have this tool or plan to buy it in near future. This drill type is very convenient to use and offer great mobility when working on big construction sites. Most good quality model comes with lithium ion batteries, these are light in weight and run for longer time in single charge. The traditional NiCad batteries have a memory issue and are not able to retain charge for longer period of time, whereas the lithium ion batteries can hold charge for about 18 months.

When buying a cordless drill, it is important to ascertain your requirement and to identify the jobs which you plan to do with this tool. There are multiple varieties of drills available in market some are below $50 and some cost more than $500. Each model yield different amount of power and come with different types of features. Apart from power, you must also consider how many clutch settings and speed variations your are getting. Having these settings provide you more control over the tool and allows you to take up multiple variety of jobs.


Devalt, Porter & Cable, Black & Decker, Makita, Hitachi and Bosch are few of the best selling 18v and 20v cordless drill brands.  In costlier models you will find features like built in LED lights to work in dark conditions, ergonomic design so that you put less pressure on your hands, single sleeve ratcheting chuck so that you can change bits single handedly, rubber grip for comfort and battery gauge so that you can plan your work in a better way.

If you are buying this tool for normal DIY jobs like hanging a wall painting, fixing door handles or assembling furniture you can go with lower end models. On the other hand if you plan to use this tool for commercial use you should go with a model which comes with good power capacity and solid batteries. If you also need a powerful impact driver you can buy a combo and save a lot of money. Most companies offer drill and driver combo at very affordable pricing.

Below in this article you will find some of the best selling 18v and 20 volt cordless drills from top brands-

  • Makita XPH102 – This drill with a 4 pole motor can deliver upwards of 450 in.lbs of torque. With a weight of just 3.9 lbs it is one of lightest drill model available in market. The compact size and weight of this product helps you to work for longer hours on job without getting much tired. The Makita XPH102 comes with an extreme protection technology, as per company claims this provide an added layer of protection from dust and water in extreme working conditions. For better control, you get two speed variations of 0-600 RPM and 0-1900 RPM. You can find a lot of positive customer reviews of this product on various websites. At a price of close to $130, this is a very good option for people looking to buy an 18v drill.


  • Dewalt DCD771C2 – This dewalt 20v cordless drill model comes in very compact design and extremely light weight. The small dimensions of this product allow you to operate with ease even in tight areas. With 350 UWO of power you can drill in some of the toughest surfaces including wood and metal. There are two speed options of 0-450 and 0-1500 RPM in this drill so that you can take up jobs which require slow or fast drilling. The chuck on this unit is designed to provide maximum strength to bits so that they don’t fall off while working on tough surfaces. Dewalt is known to provide highest quality product with extra ordinary after sales service. With a price of just $100, this is a very good option in 20v range.


  • Black&Decker BDCDHP220SB – This product from porter and cable gives a tough time to its competition not only because of its quality but also price. Features include two speed gearbox, 412 in.lbs torque, single sleeve chuck and much more. Just like its competitors, this unit also features small size and light weight. You can use this tool for most type of commercial jobs as well as normal DIY needs. It costs just close to $90, which is very less compared to quality and features this unit offers.

Benefits of aving plastic fan guards

Most of us are aware of the fact that when computer or laptop system heat up, they automatically slow down the performance so as to reduce the heat and prevent the system from damaging. This is not a desirable situation for people who rely heavily on their computer for their daily work. Using a laptop, computer or other similar electronics extensively can damage their ventilation system.

If the system’s fan have developed some fault, you can easily replace it using some handy tools and install a new fan that comes with a plastic guard. The plastic guard helps in extending the life of fan by adding a security layer around it. There are multiple verities of plastic fans available in market in different price ranges.  With so many options, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand which one is best for you.

The wire guards are very useful and help your appliances in numerous ways, but at the same time they are expensive to buy.  Usually, you will find the store salesman encouraging you to buy the wired fans, as they are more expensive. Experts believe that wired variants are overrated and their performance is not at par with the usual expectation.

By reading expert opinion and reading customers review online one can easily make out that buying a plastic fan guard is a better option. These are very cost effective and are capable of delivering desired performance in a very effective manner.  The plastic variants can provide the necessary protection to your appliances while allowing them to work in their full capacity. The appliances make less noise and get good quality ventilation with right quality fan. By preventing your devices from overheating they make sure that the device provides high performance as desired by the user.

The guards play a vital role of preventing any damage to the fan or cooling system from dust and debris in surrounding environment. These are engineered in a way so that max air flow seeps in to the appliance providing proper ventilation and cooling to the system.

Because plastic is very flexible and highly durable material, it will have a longer life and cost very less at the same time. Thanks to its pliable structure the plastic guard can fit easily with most types of fans insider your appliance.

The plastic fan guard is a must have tool for your offices which are heavily dependent on computers and printer systems. It will help in maximizing productivity and at the same time helping the devices to give their max performance without overheating.



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